Loved the Hideaway Pub and Grill in Redmond! Caught up with some friends who just moved to OR there and had a great meal with our families. Kids had a great time playing on games, food was delicious and the staff were all very attentive. Best of all, my wife accidently left her cell phone behind and we were running for our flight back to Boston out of Redmond that night. The Manager of the restaurant ,Corey, went way out of his way to go to fedex later the next day and overnight it to us. Incredibly courteous thing to do! Looking forward to seeing our friends in OR again and swinging by the Hideaway Redmond for a good meal and some drinks!

Justin Flynn,

Good food, great service and decent selection of draft beer. This is our new "go to" place in Redmond for quality pub food at a good price. Our favorite special is the Friday steak for two; grilled flatiron steak (6oz ea) served with vegies and yukon gold potatoes. The steak perfectly cooked, fresh green beans, blanched and the then quickly grilled to slightly blacken, wilted fresh spinach and whole baby yukon gold potatoes. All for $20. The menu said bread but I think that was missing but not missed. Taco Tuesday is a great deal; good beef tacos with homemade pico de gallo for a buck each. Saturday; perfectly cooked jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce. Redmond has long needed a pub with quality food at a fair price. In three visits, we have not had to wait more than 2 minutes from the time we entered the bar for our beers

Ed Williams,

Ok...I am always in search of a kid-friendly place where I can enjoy a meal with BOTH hands. So, I'm a big fan! There's a kid's activity table in the restaurant, and my kids were promptly seated at a table big enough for all our stuff, plus the Cars coloring menu and crayons they were furnished with. The kid's menu included "puppy dogs", or mini corn dogs, which were a big hit, and I got to enjoy a dinner and beer outside on the patio while my kids amused themselves for almost an hour.

Amber Blount,

After moving to Redmond area nearly 2 years ago, I finally found the best Hamburger in town. And I know hamburgers. I've been there at least 10 times and have never experienced any of the problems reviewers #1 and 2 speak of. Plus now I go on Mondays for the Meatloaf, I don't cook so I take out of towners there with me, have 3 daughters here and they all love it. We meet for lunch there quite often.

Jean Rotter,

OK - Had the Double Burger today for the first time - - OMG - Lunch and Dinner all at once!! And it was terrific - some of the best meat I've had since moving here 6 years ago........Dang Dawg!!

Jerry Boysen,

The grilled chicken sandwich is uh-mazing! Will definitely be returning. :)

Moe Ruis,